DNN module development with AngularJS (Part 1)

This blog series should set you in the position to start DNN module development with Angular 1 even if you haven't done a module for DNN yet. So we will start with an empty project in Visual studio and build it up step by step. I plan to guide you through all these steps. But beware, this is no Angular course! I will not explain all the stuff that is involved in full detail because that would fill a book and is way too much for a blog like this, but where possible I'll provide you some links with further information to the corresponding topic. First we will start with a DNN 7 style Angular module using standard View.ascx that is able to run in DNN 7 and later we will convert this to a SPA module type for DNN 8.

Blogging in DNN with Markdown Monster by Rick Strahl

Blogging with Windows Live Writer is often a complicated thing. Like with every HTML editor you need to have good knowledge of the HTML language. If you are not careful, you overwrite the default fonts, font width, colors and other styles. See how easy blogging is with Markdown and the new Markdown editor by Rick Strahl

Creating a global token engine

One thing I liked most in former Joomla times was the possibilty to create global tokens that could be used anywhere in a Post / Article. Think of an "add to cart" token that you can place in a blog post that expands to a button that adds a predefined product to your cart!  See how this could be done in DNN!

DnnImagehandler - Hot or not ?

Recently I started a pull request for the dnn core. It is a replacement and enhancement to the part of dnn that generates the profile images. The new imagehandler is based on an old Microsoft codeplex project and is enhanced by me in the last years. See what it is all about and tell me your opinion if it should go to the core or not!

Rapid Module Development Part 2 - The multilanguage thing…

In this blog I’ll show you how you can implement ML features without any hassle. My method is very straight forward and you could use this as a pattern for all your modules. There is no more increased effort needed to make your module ML compliant if you follow these guidelines.


Torsten WeggenMy name is Torsten Weggen and I am CEO of indisoftware GmbH in Hanover, Germany. I'm into DNN since 2008. Before this, I did a lot of desktop stuff mainly coded with Visual Foxpro (see http://www.auktionsbuddy.de). 

I'm programmer, husband, father + born in 1965.

Please feel free to contact me if you have questions.

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