DNN 6 Form Pattern - Html Conventions

I am now in the situation to convert the DNN FAQs module to DNN 6. The first thing to do is to implement the new form pattern from DNN 6. I looked around in the internet to find some resources which help with that and found a video from Ian Robertson in the DNN Wiki and some blog posts but no document where everything is documented together . So I decided to put that information together in a blog post

Module wrapper

The content of your module has to be wrapped by the “dnnForm” CSS class. All the styles for dnnForm are defined in default.css

<div class="dnnForm">
   <!-- form content goes inside -->

for overwriting some of the styles in module.css define a module specific class

<div class="dnnForm dnnMyModule">
   <!-- form content goes inside -->

Admin Tab Navigation

The Navigation Tabs (used mostly in the settings area) are written as a simple ordered list:

<ul class="dnnAdminTabNav">
   <li><a href="#ssBasicSettings">Basic Settings</a>
   <li><a href="#ssAdvancedSettings">Advanced Settings</a></li>

<div id="ssBasicSettings">
   <!-- Content goes here-->
<div id="ssAdvancedSettings">
<!-- Content goes here-->

Collapsible Panels

 Collapsible panels

If there are 3 or more groups of content, first panel should be expanded and the rest should be collapsed.

<h2 class="dnnFormSectionHead">
   <a class="dnnSectionExpanded">Site Details</a>
   <!--Content goes here-->

Form Items

Form Item

A typical form item is build of two or more components: Label, Input, Validation

<div class="dnnFormItem">
   <dnn:label />
   <asp:textbox class="dnnFormRequired" />
   <asp:requiredfieldvalidator cssclass="dnnFormMessage dnnFormError" />


Messages follow a simple scheme:



<div class="dnnFormMessage dnnFormInfo">
   Your message



<div class="dnnFormMessage dnnFormSuccess">
   Your message



<div class="dnnFormMessage dnnFormWarning">
   Your message



<div class="dnnFormMessage dnnFormError">
   Your message



Define your actions as Hyperlinks or LinkButtons in an ul-list of class “dnnActions”.

<ul class="dnnActions">
   <li><asp:linkbutton id="cmdUpdate" cssclass="dnnPrimaryAction" runat="server"></asp:linkbutton></li> 
   <li><asp:linkbutton id="cmdCancel" cssclass="dnnSecondaryAction" runat="server"></asp:linkbutton></li>


There is a very good new DNN UX Guide online. See this link: http://uxguide.dnngallery.com

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Ries Spruit
Hey there, very usefull info! I am pulling my hair out, trying to create a nice validating wizard form in DNN6.

Have you perhaps figured out how to use validationGroups with dnnTabs?

I am using jquery validation now, but I can't get this to work right in IE. I suppose asp.net validation would be the better point, but I am afraid all the postbacks will drive me crazy too.. Although I suppose the form paradigm should take care of that.

Best regards,
Thursday, February 16, 2012 · reply ·
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