Creating multilanguage enabled modules

intlflagsIf you want to create your modules for an international audience you must be aware of maintaining different languages. This is no problem for static content because DNN has his concept of resource files, which is very easy to handle. But when it comes to dynamic data like product information in an ecommerce module, you have to handle this in the database. This is no problem at all but which is the best way of entering these different language information in your edit-control ?

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Torsten WeggenMy name is Torsten Weggen and I am CEO of indisoftware GmbH in Hanover, Germany. I'm into DNN since 2008. Before this, I did a lot of desktop stuff mainly coded with Visual Foxpro (see http://www.auktionsbuddy.de). 

I'm programmer, husband, father + born in 1965.

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@booler @kristofclaes @RickStrahl until a phone is not able to be a complete replacement for my laptop (with a dock) thats ridiculous

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