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The bitboxx bbnews module is a DNN module for collecting and providing news on your portal. It is able to collect news from a RSS/Atom feeds or from twitter. Alternatively you can write your own news. News display is full templated and could be provided as RSS feed too.

  • Collecting and Combining of RSS feeds
  • Twitter Timeline and search
  • Full templateble
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The BBImagehandler for DNN8+ is an extension to the new imagehandler in DNN8. It adds a lot of functionality back again that was formerly contained in the old BBImagehandler and was stripped out while integrated into the core. Easy and lightweight Addon with fancy features!

  • Show images stored in the database
  • Create barcodes
  • bargraph. percentage, counter and more!
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The bitboxx bbimagestory is a DNN module which let you create step-by-step guides in an easy way. Even multiple news with multiple pictures incl. picture title and text is possible. This module is of the new SPA type (single page application) and runs only in DNN 8. It is based on AngularJs and is fast as hell!

  • Compose storys with multiple images
  • Add subtexts to the images
  • List- and Detail view
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