DNN module development with AngularJS (Part 1)

Oct 08 2015
DNN module development with AngularJS (Part 1)

This blog series should set you in the position to start DNN module development with Angular even if you haven't done a module for DNN yet. So we will start with an empty project in Visual studio and build it up step by step. I plan to guide you through all these steps. But beware, this is no Angular course! I will not explain all the stuff that is involved in full detail because that would fill a book and is way too much for a blog like this, but where possible I'll provide you some links with further information to the corresponding topic. First we will start with a DNN 7 style Angular module using standard View.ascx that is able to run in DNN 7 and later we will convert this to a SPA module type for DNN 8.


DnnImagehandler - Hot or not ?

Feb 21 2015
DnnImagehandler - Hot or not ?

Recently I started a pull request for the dnn core. It is a replacement and enhancement to the part of dnn that generates the profile images. The new imagehandler is based on an old Microsoft codeplex project and is enhanced by me in the last years. See what it is all about and tell me your opinion if it should go to the core or not!

Rapid Module Development

Mar 16 2014
Rapid Module Development

Over the last months I developed a lot of DNN modules and in this blog I will show you how I do that. I’ll show you some of my tools I’m using and what helps me to do my work in a timely manner.

Torsten Weggen: About me

Jan 09 2014

Profile ImageSince my nomination as a DNN MVP late last year I feel the need to introduce myself a little bit more to the community. In fact, this nomination was a big surprise for me and I don’t know how to fulfil the expectations at the moment. Times are extremely busy and I suspect that I am not able to act as an MVP in the way I want to, especially in the next 3 or 4 month. The reason for this is a big DNN project, more on this later!

DNN Europe module template for client programming

Sep 20 2013


DNN Europe LogoThis year on the DNN Europe meeting in Banyoles, Spain, myself and some guys from the german section talked about the new client site programming paradigm and that it would be nice to have a module template specifically for this approach. And so I build a template that creates a module which has all the features that are needed to build a modern DNN module including DAL2 and using client site technics like jquery and Knockout.

Migrate Joomla to DNN from a SEO perspective

Jun 25 2013

joomla-seoRecently I had to migrate an old Joomla website to DNN. Because there are not so many pages inside, I decided to convert the pages manually and everything was fine. But what should I do with all the links to the old Joomla website out there in the wild ? The site is running for nearly 8 years now and there are a lot of links. Forgetting about that and loosing all the page ranks is a no go for this website. Fortunately I found an easy solution for this !

Single Sign-on (SSO) and Modulesharing in DotNetNuke CE 06.01.00 and above

Feb 26 2013

SSOOne problem that is facing you from time to time as a dotnetnuke professional is the burning desire of customers to have a single sign-on solution for their multi-portal system. Often they have different portals for their company departments or separate intranet and internet portals or some other multiportal needs. But none of these customers understand the necessity of logging seperatly into every single portal! And for the system administrators it is a nightmare to keep all these user accounts in sync!  A lot of commercial and open source modules and providers helped to solve this problem in the past.

Another annoyance is the impossibility to share content between portals. Think of  a desktop browser website and his mobile companion (realized as two portals). If you write an article in the desktop portal and you want to show this special article on the mobile portal too, what did you have to do ? Yes, copy and paste! Possible, but not very elegant!

Since Version 6.1  of DotNetNuke  there is a solution for this in the Proffessional Version (PE). Unfortunately this is supposed to be not included in the community edition of DNN.  But you should know that the functionality is implemented in the core and only the administration module is lacking in the CE version! So you are able to use this, even in  CE, with minimal changes directly in the database. This blog shows you how to do so!


Using DAL 2 in a real world module

Feb 12 2013

DNN70LogoWhile converting the data access layer for the DNN FAQ module, I came across some pitfalls. There is some documentation on the internet, but this remains more on the surface. And moreover, the datalayer is still missing an important part in the implementation (more on that later). So this document should help you people not making the same mistakes as I did when going my first steps with DAL 2.

Make a local copy of your live DNN installation

Nov 18 2012

copy dnnThere are a lot of reasons to have a copy of your live site locally. Perhaps you want to test an update of DNN or a module before running it on the live site. Or you are a module developer and on a customers site there is an error which you need to debug and no Visual Studio is installed on the webserver ( no good idea to set a breakpoint on a live running website ;-) ). But to accomplish this you have to do a lot of many many many tasks. If you host 20 customer websites, a new DNN update means a lot of work to test. See how this can be done with 2 powershell scripts in no time!