Rapid Module Development Part 2 - The multilanguage thing…

In this blog I’ll show you how you can implement ML features without any hassle. My method is very straight forward and you could use this as a pattern for all your modules. There is no more increased effort needed to make your module ML compliant if you follow these guidelines.

Rapid Module Development

Over the last months I developed a lot of DNN modules and in this blog I will show you how I do that. I’ll show you some of my tools I’m using and what helps me to do my work in a timely manner.

Torsten Weggen: About me

Profile ImageSince my nomination as a DNN MVP late last year I feel the need to introduce myself a little bit more to the community. In fact, this nomination was a big surprise for me and I don’t know how to fulfil the expectations at the moment. Times are extremely busy and I suspect that I am not able to act as an MVP in the way I want to, especially in the next 3 or 4 month. The reason for this is a big DNN project, more on this later!

DNN Europe module template for client programming


DNN Europe LogoThis year on the DNN Europe meeting in Banyoles, Spain, myself and some guys from the german section talked about the new client site programming paradigm and that it would be nice to have a module template specifically for this approach. And so I build a template that creates a module which has all the features that are needed to build a modern DNN module including DAL2 and using client site technics like jquery and Knockout.

Migrate Joomla to DNN from a SEO perspective

joomla-seoRecently I had to migrate an old Joomla website to DNN. Because there are not so many pages inside, I decided to convert the pages manually and everything was fine. But what should I do with all the links to the old Joomla website out there in the wild ? The site is running for nearly 8 years now and there are a lot of links. Forgetting about that and loosing all the page ranks is a no go for this website. Fortunately I found an easy solution for this !



Torsten WeggenMy name is Torsten Weggen and I am CEO of indisoftware GmbH in Hanover, Germany. I'm into DNN since 2008. Before this, I did a lot of desktop stuff mainly coded with Visual Foxpro (see http://www.auktionsbuddy.de). 

I'm programmer, husband, father + born in 1965.

Please feel free to contact me if you have questions.

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